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Underdog February Update

What happened with Underdog in February? 🥳

Hey Daniel 👋, Been a while. I thought i’d keep you up to date on what im working at? Let’s see how building Underdog Protocol. Lots of fires, learnings, and signs of progress. Let’s dive right in. ​TLDR: We’ve 2x’ d users on our platform, onboarded an enterprise level customer for a Valentines Day themed campaign, and dealt with a ton of fires from minting >25,000 NFTs through our API. Here’s our one pager. You can leave comments

What is Underdog Protocol?

Underdog Protocol is an API that enables developers and protocols to seamlessly integrate web3 into their product or workflow via Dynamic NFTs & Integrations. This allows personalized and dynamic user experiences to be built.
We’re building the modern data stack for web3 so we’re able to build experiences that unlock financial and social opportunity for billions.


Fundraising Help & Introductions
Do you know any angel investors or web3 funds who would like to chat? We want to test the market.
Here’s our one pager. You can leave comments
. I’d appreciate thoughts. 😉
More Customers
Do you know any web2 and web3 companies who want to create experiences like Loyalty & Rewards for their users?

👍 Highlights

Partnerships & Biz Dev👬
We’ve been able to 2x our user growth of developers to 210 total developers on boarded with a majority of our traffic coming from developer referrals, social, and direct.
Inbound continuing to grow. We’ve received interest from Dinara ( an enterprise crypto on/off-ramp), WNDO ( Rakuten for Web3), Flipside Crypto (Web3 Analytics), and others.
We launched our Builders Program to help with building our Underdog Ecosystem and building a communities of builders. More information
Published 3+ Case Studies and Use Cases from our partners. You can find some
We’ve integrated and launched Parcl - a real estate derivates platform on Solana. They’re using our API to create a loyalty & rewards campaign to reward early adopted. Deal value is around $1500/Mo ($18,000/year). This is for over 30,000 NFTs that will run until March 3rd.
We launched our low pricing tier for $39.99/mo. We launched this initiative as a response to
Not a huge accomplishment but we were able to meet Anatoly Yakaovenko (Co-Founder of Solana) and he’s a big fan of what we’re doing. He’s even offered to intro us to web2 & web3 customers for our product. We’ll also be highlighted in this months Solana Ecosystem Call. You can sing up
. Once again - We’re on the radar ⭐
Product 📱
Launched Zapier, Discord, and Telegram Integrations as our first Ecosystem products to connect web2 with the power of NFTs
Launched awesome product hacks like Calendly → NFT via Zapier x Underdog, Typeform → NFT via Zapier x Underdog, Hubspot → via Zapier x Underdog, and others.
We’ve been able to quickly fix bugs at a time of around ~2.5 hours for our partners ranging from Wallet Issues, Claim Problems, and more. We’ve been able to get into a good groove and learn to improve the product.
Check out all the Use Cases that were built with Underdog in this twitter thread -

👎 Low lights / Challenges

Growing Developer Pains 🌀
We’ve realized that we didn’t set-up our infrastructure or other product offerings for a scale of 25,000+ NFTs. This turned into a ton of fires. We saw chokepoints in our AWS and with the technology we used like Phantom and Ledger. We learned to increase production tests and communication with others tools in the ecosystem.
Business Development & Fundraising 🐶:
A smaller focus on Fundraising ie: market research & story creation has taken time away from building pipeline and business. This is something that may become more prevelant as we fundraise. We will need to set-up rails to sustain outbound and increase inbound.
February Growth

📰 News

Screen Shot 2023-03-01 at 8.59.39 AM.png
We launched Parcl’s #SOLmate Campaign
Parcl was an inbound lead that was a ~12 days sales cycle for a $1500/mo Enterprise Deal for around 30,000 NFTs.
They want to create a campaign to reward early adopters with perks, gifts, and an evolving Soulbound Token.
There has been a total of 4% Minted (800/25,000) with around 2% Engagement ( X amount of individuals have traded on their platform and had their NFT evolve)

🎯 March Priorities

Biz Dev 📊
Outbound 50+ Web2 companies and Web2.5 companies to conduct customer interviews
Increase amount of users on API MRR by $1,000 (roughly 10-20 new devs on paid plan)
Launch 1-3 marketing campaigns that utilize our API and NFTs for top of funnel acquisition and notice
Product 📱
Launch 5-8 Integrations on Zapier to increase distrubution for Underdog Protocol to web2/web3 developrs and communities
Launch 3 Integrations to Bridge Web2 & Web3 for Underdog Ecosystem ( Notion, Airtable, GitHub)
Launch On-chain March Madness Tournament in Partnership with ( a web2 startup)
Create a Case Study in partnership with Solana Foundation and Parcl to dive into Customer Engagement & Retention through Loyalty/Rewards NFTs
Announce Builders Program Buildoooors ( total of 5 Founders in the program) and have them build 3-5 integrations in Underdog Ecosystem

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