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The Web of Possibility

Don't forget to teach kids about the positive impact of the internet. The internet is not a dangerous jungle full of potential threats and doom at every corner, it is a tool. A sharp and powerful tool that can be scary and harmful if you don't know how to use it, but even more so, it can be incredibly empowering when wielded with responsibility and skill!

Social Activism

TedEd has a great video on how social media can make history:
Teaching Tolerance has lesson plans on analyzing in social movements and to take action. Facebook also has on online advocacy and making change.
To get students really excited, why not learn about the through resources pulled together by the New York Times. Or another from Kqed.


InCtrl has a video and lesson plan on ! Also, TedEd has a great lesson on


Here are some excellent of how crowdsourcing can be used to solve problems and make use of talent all around the world.

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