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Rights and Responsibilities


Privacy Laws, Creative Commons, and Copyright:
Common Sense Media has a great lesson plan on understanding .
Teaching Tolerance also has a great lesson on .



Google's online digital citizenship course has a great lesson on and being careful about your digital footprint.
Facebook also has on phishing, passwords, and the pros and cons of public wifi.
As well as an introduction video about in an online environment, avoiding , and their .
Play their cyber tricks version to review important concepts.


Cult of Pedagogy has some great suggestions for introducing concepts . For digital literacy, stress accidental plagiarism from sloppy copy and pasting.
Both and have great intro videos.
Explain that there are different kinds of plagiarism. InCtrl has a video to explain that .
Test their knowledge with this
via Fairfield Library or use this from Lycoming.

Do you use or abuse the internet?

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