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Free Resources for Teaching Digital Literacy to Middle Schoolers

An on-going list of top resources collected from across the web.
Our kiddos, the voters-of-tomorrow, must learn how to navigate the internet like pros. Students will either become experts at navigating the web or fall prey to the phishing scams, echo chambers, and misinformation available online.
Teaching digital literacy skills can be overwhelming. Thankfully, nonprofits and tech companies have developed free online resources to make it easier.
Below is an overview of the main websites and online courses that form the basis for this doc. On the top bar, you will find the best resources organized by topic.

General sources for the best free digital literacy lesson plans:

Google created my favorite to teach kids how to be "Internet Awesome." Their online game world, , teaches kids about cyber bullies, phishers, and evaluating online information.
In addition to the Interland program listed above, Google also has a course (for older kids) and an online portal for learning .
has a range of great free digital literacy lesson plans
's has free online lesson plans complete with some great handouts and resource round-ups.
Inctrl also has on cyberbullying, privacy, digital footprints, media literacy, and more. Each lesson centers around a video of real students grappling with a digital literacy issue.
's digital literacy library has lesson plans on social media use, privacy, and internet skills.
Microsoft's free may be useful for teachers who want to brush up on their skills before teaching students.
NetSmatz also has you may be able to use to supplement lessons or drive discussions.
Crash Course worked with the Stanford History Education Group to produce a 10 video series of videos called .

Now, what are you doing down here? Check out the navigation bar for crying out loud. I've sorted all my favorite resources by topic!

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