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Evaluate Sources

Google's has lessons on becoming with great ideas, free worksheets, and other resources including:
A short about detecting lies on the internet.
A that you can assign to students for "sleuthing." There is an answer sheet for why the creators labeled each website as either credible or non-credible.
Also, the unit has a great activity with beautifully designed workshops that allow students to work in groups and decide if a website is a phishing scam or not (activity #1). They also have a great workshop on (activity #5).
Great printable that could be incorporated into your lessons about evaluating sources.
If you need a video overview, from GCF Global.

InCtrl has a video using search and evaluating the results.
Teaching Tolerance also has a lesson that of evaluating information for the future of democracy.

Fun games for review:

Play , a fun to practice evaluating news, social media posts, and other online content.
In a more , students practice evaluating internet information to help save the future of the earth!
When they are ready, let them loose exploring one of , to see if they can figure it out. If you need even more fake sites, .

Tools in Your Toolbox:

: a lesson from Teaching Tolerance
: a lesson from Google.
: a lesson from Facebook (try using this search tool: )

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