The Best Digital Teaching Resources

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Virtual Classroom Tools

Tools To Build Effective Digital Classrooms

Teachers can use ,
, or
to host online classes (video calls + sharing screens). We Are Teachers posted a great for teachers.
put together Office Suite resources for teachers in wake of the COVID-19 school closures.
has opened their programs to teachers and provides instruction on how to use ADOBE tools to build virtual classrooms.
offers digital classroom technology to support teachers moving to remote-learning environments.
, an online school communication platform, is now offering their service for free.
helps teachers communicate with parents and students.
students can use to scan and submit homework.
help teachers build online lessons that are engaging and interactive.
is a free online whiteboard you can use to interact with students during video classes.
is a software that allows teachers to set up a virtual meeting space where students share video responses to a question or prompt.
Creating Lessons
allows you to search for lessons and then edit them and present to students online.
helps teachers create simple and beautiful video lessons.
helps teachers record, edit, and share videos with students.
is a platform where teachers can track student learning and share progress with parents.
allows teachers to differentiate learning for their students in math, ELA, and science courses.
allows teachers to assign challenges and assess their student's individual learning gaps.
is a digital mindmapper tool with common core aligned templates. They are offering their product for free to schools affected by school closures.
collected hundreds of resources and lesson plans for distance learning.

Tip: Do not use all these tools! Explore the list then choose 2-3 programs to stick with (for example, ZOOM for hosting classes and Seesaw for tracking student progress). You and your kids should get comfortable with a few great tools and avoid waisting time switching between platforms.

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