The Best Digital Teaching Resources
High School

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Science and Tech

General Resources:
created a collection of free online college-level courses that are appropriate for high school students.
has a full chemistry curriculum.
has chemistry simulations online.
is a great place to look for video introductions to topics.
has biology simulations online.
has some great videos to introduce topics.
has a full online biology course (complete with quizzes and assessment).
has online bio labs.
offers a curated a list of online biology labs.
also has some great labs.
is an online game that allows anyone to practice folding proteins. The best coronavirus solutions will be submitted to the University of Washington for testing.
has physics simulations online.
offers 10 minute videos on major topics.
is another great YouTube channel on physics topics.
also has a physics course.
is a fairly comprehensive online physics program (good for models and activities)
is an interactive introduction to the world of matter.
Earth Science
has earth science simulations online.
both have great earth science interactive tools.
has great videos to introduce major concepts.
is a PBS show on YouTube that covers major astronomy topics.
is another place to look for relevant video content.
website has updated news and activites.
has some online astronomy models.
helps students to explore their local night sky.
has interesting information on the sun.
has a great course on space weather.
has Citizen Scientists programs that allow students (and adults) to work on crowdsource projects for the chance to contribute to major scientific discoveries.
now has free computer science courses.
is an always-free online coding course.
is offering 10,000 high schoolers premium membership scholarships.
is a self-paced coding curriculum for high schoolers.

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