The Best Digital Teaching Resources
Middle School

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Language Arts

is a website where students build worlds and share their writing with other kids.
is a great way for kids to have fun writing a pen pal.
is an online program with grammar and writing activities for grades K-12.
levels up-to-date news articles for all reading levels and provides assessment and activities for their articles.
is a great platform for class discussions and a way for kids to practice structured argument. Kids can develop their logic and reasoning skills by engaging in debate with students in their classroom or around the world.
is a social platform where kids can get feedback on their writing as they each write their own novel.
has great teaching resources for ELA teachers (all grades).
is an app that includes social activities to help inspire kids to write. Students can collaborate to build books together.
is a creative writing platform that seeks to gamify the writing process.
is a website where schools can organize writing assessment. They are extending their free trial for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.
has writing challenges and contests. Students can read other kid's stories and contribute their stories for a chance to get featured.
is a free regular video writing class created by a middle school teacher for kids stuck at home due to COVID-19.
has made their huge library of math and ELA instructional videos available free due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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