The Best Digital Teaching Resources
High School

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offers great videos to help kids as they depend more and more on finding information online.
offers two-week review courses for major AP exams, like APUSH and AP American Government. During the COVID-19 school closures, they are making all of their resources .
created a collection of free online college-level courses that may be useful for students studying for AP tests.
World History
is a free online social studies curriculum funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates. The program integrates physics, science, social studies, and critical thinking. Students study macro-history from the Big Bang to the age of the anthropocene. The course meets Common Core ELA standards.
is a series of 10-12 minute videos that covers topics from the Agricultural Revolution to globalization. They are fast-paced and engaging way to introduce a new topic. They also have video studies of important historical themes like disease, civilization, and capitalism.
collected the best online resources for teaching world history and organized them by time period.
offers a range of primary source accounts (including historic video clips) on different events/topics.
via Fordham University is a comprehensive list of websites with resources for nearly every topic in world history. The sources are well-organized, but some of the links are broken or old.
is a website with lesson plans, games, and activities to accompany Ken Burns documentaries.
has a series of high-quality virtual exhibits on various topics.
has collected the best resources for teaching k-12 students about Islam and the Middle East.
has some great online simulation games.
is an interactive timeline creator. Teachers and students can create their own layered historical timelines or explore timelines created by other educators.
has a massive collection of digital artifacts, videos, and other learning resources.
is a YouTube channel with engaging videos to review a wide range of history topics.
American History
videas are 10 minute introductions to major topics in US history.
has American History flexbooks.
via the Smithsonian offers .
is a website project sponsored by the New York Times with essays, interactives, and other resources to help students reexamine the legacy of slavery in American History.
has a free "Story of Freedom in the United States" course from Professor Rufus Fears.
has an online American President's exhibit
has games, activities, and lesson plans for various topics in American history.
has curated a list of resources for teachers moving to digital classrooms.
Human Rights/Current Events
has classroom ready documentaries about current events and human rights issues. In response to the coronavirus, they are offering teachers a free one year subscription.
offers news media geared for students.
has tips and resources for teaching LGBTQ history.
offers free lesson plans based on current events and human rights history. They are running social media campaigns and have teacher resources for responding to hate and racism in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.
created movies and lesson plans to teach global citizenship through film.
has a variety of video-based economics classes for free online. They opened a for teachers dealing with school closures due to Covid-19.
During Covid-19 outbreak, iCivics is offering their for free.
offers free online classes from top universities. Their CLEP US Government class includes content and videos teachers could use in a HS government class.
offers 10 minute introductions to the most important topics in HS civics courses.
has seminar videos and lessons about the US government.
has voyages where students can explore a historical or geographic topic.
allows teachers and students to create interactive maps.
has a series of games and quizes for geography review.
Teachers can create and assign geography quizzes with either or .

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