The Best Digital Teaching Resources

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The Arts

has created a #KeepDancing program to provide free online dancing lessons during the COVID-19 school closures.
Youtube channel has dancing activities and challenges for kids.
is a website designed to help kids learn about music in an easy and fun way.
has games to help kids learn about classical composers and compositions.
has lessons and songs kids can learn.
has a KidZone with games and activities related to music education.
has a free music program called Musical Explorers.
offers music lessons on YouTube.
has drama challenges for kids.
has started curating online resources for drama teachers.
Visual Art
is a great source for digital arts activities.
has a list of resources for teachers affected by COVID-19.
curated a list of apps to help teach art remotely.
(picture book illustrator) posts daily comic book art lessons.
has a free stop-motion animation camp.
is hosting daily #MoLunchDoodles lessons.
has a Quarantine Drawing Club on Instagram.
's website for kids has games and activities about modern art.

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