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Why use a routine planner?

How to use it?

Just add the date and check the boxes of what you’ve already done.
If you add a new routine and want the table to keep the conditional formatting you need to add the new column to the formula at “Count” column. The Count column is hidden, so you need to hove over the table. A menu will show up, just click on Columns and a right lateral menu will show up. Just click on the eye right to Count so it can show up. You can hide the Count column updating it.
To add a formula, click at left of the header of the Count column (if you hover over the header you will see a arrow, click at it) and then click to “Edit Formula”. The formula box will show up, you just need to type “+” and then the first 3 letters of the new column’s name. Hit “Tab” to auto fill and then enter.

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