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Check this information to understand what changed from the previous version and what's new

🎉 New

Name changed to The Professional Trader App.
🚀 New Features
Trade grade based on the difference of the Higher/Lower price of the channel
Enter grade based on the difference of the Higher/Lower Price of HTF
Exit grade based on the difference of the Higher/Lower Price of HTF
Equity value

📊 New reports:
Wrote style reports with quick information
Summary report with all the relevant information about the trading

📃New pages/Tables and content:
Action Plan
Table action plan with buy/sell/wait signal
Personal Journal
Things to remember
Trader Rules
Before Trading Checklist
Gems Research
Gems Research table for decision making
Gems Research template based on BloodGoodBTC article
Wiki table to organize all knowledge about trading and crypto.
Indicators page
Wiki by Categories
1 page of example on how to use subpages
Traders Dashboard
Coda Basics
How to use this App
Reports Table
Upgrade Table
A table to help upgrade from previous version or from another spreadsheet.

🏗️ Improvements

📓Trading Journal Table
New columns
Stop Profit
Channel High
Channel Low
Trade Grade
High Enter Candle
Low Enter Candle
High Exit Candle
Low Exit Candle
Enter Grade
Exit Grade
Date by Day
Exit Date + Transaction Date
TF (Time Frame)
Stop Loss Value
Stop Profit Value
Cumulative Transactions

💱 Transactions Account Page/Database
Recreate the whole account transactions. Now they sit on the Trades table with Account Transactions page using a view of the Trades.

New getting started page.

🐞 Bug fixes

P/L % formula was fixed
🏴‍☠️ Known Bugs
The Equity Curve is lacking the “Entry” formula. That will be addressed in a future release. You should take that in mind when analyzing the Equity Curve.
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