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How to Live in a State of Grace - a Roadmap for Bioregional Resilience & Sovereignty: 🐛->🦋


(State of Grace)

is a bottom-up, self-organized,

open-source roadmap & ecosystem

for everyone in the heroic transformation

to societies that value cooperation, equity, & ecological balance.

State of Grace is the new human story — a container — for those who actively want to work towards “the world our hearts know is possible” (Charles Eisenstein), but don’t know how.
State of Grace is for those who see the inherent flaws in our human societies that function by exchanging ecological capital for financial capital, at a net loss to society. A State of Grace bioregion values ecological capital above financial capital.
This wiki is no cookie cutter solution to the polycrisis. Instead it’s a valuable resource for those who wish to understand more about what it takes to accomplish a transition from systems that are dying to systems that are emerging, and to do so gracefully.
Make a copy so that you can adapt your unique bioregion’s approach to living in a State of Grace.
(Note that this is a work-in-progress and regular updates will not be included in your copy. You might want to explore the current contents in full before making a copy).

Table of Contents

Part 1 - The Why: Introduction

Part 2 - The What: The Building Blocks Required

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Part 3 - The How: Suggested Steps to Take

Rallying the Careholders
Crafting Your Strategy
Tracking Your Progress

Part 4 - Examples

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