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Pack Makers' Checklist

Homemade Packs
TravelBriefData(”Country Name”)
Pack Type
SDK Button
SDK - Formulas
The TBCountries() pack formula returns the country names and URLs from the API. This data is used to populate the select list column in the Travel Brief app doc.
Pack Checklist

Preliminary Steps:

Identify the purpose of the pack, Think about what you want to accomplish. For example,
Re-using a CODA formula across multiple docs.
Fetching or syncing external data and images from an API.
Creating custom actions and buttons.
Identify the pack type. Pack types include formulas, column formats, actions and buttons, sync tables, image retrieval, calls to API.
If using an API, determine if authentication is required.
Find sample code for your solution in the Coda Software Development Kit (SDK) or use an online reference such as: . This reference is a good source for quick answers to coding issues while building a Pack.

Pack Building:

Go to the Pack builder interface in Coda and start a new Pack. Name the Pack something descriptive and easy to remember.
If working with an API, review the API documentation and test the results in Postman.
Set up any authentication, if required.
Add the sample code to the interface and tweak the code for a custom solution. Use the / command to add more code blocks.
Build the pack in the Coda pack interface and resolve errors.
Add the pack to a sample DOC and test.
Annotate your pack making process for future reference.


If working with an API, paste the Postman results in a comment section at the end of your code for reference while building.
Consider making this checklist into a template to organize your packs.
JavaScript Code
TBCountries() - Code

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