Pack Building Roadmap - Maker Stories Webinar

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Webinar Outline

1. What Packs are used in the Travel Brief App?


2. What are the Travel Brief App’s highlights?

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3. What is my pack making process?

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4. How is API data presented in the doc?

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5. What are my key learning takeaways?

Start with sample pack code, add a little bit of new code at a time and then test for errors. This process allows you to discover more easily where you went wrong. Also, if you’re stuck, you can retrieve previous versions of the pack that worked and revise your code from there.
JS code is picky. Double check for spelling errors and the alignment of your beginning and end brackets. Using the slash command “/” for adding blocks of code reduces the chance of errors.
With the / command, you can access sample code for Pack types such as: formulas, sync tables, column formats, etc. Then, edit the code to suit.
Consider using the as a template. The resulting doc will be a repository of your pack making process. Document what you learned in the Notes section for future reference.
Don’t spin your wheels! Seek help from the Coda SDK, online resources, or the Coda Community.
Start simple. Think of something you might do over and over again across multiple docs. Financial formulas are one example. Another example is creating a custom greeting. Practice extracting data from an API that doesn’t require authentication.

6. Will you share your code?

Warning! Experienced coders might wince! 🤢


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