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Why you should hire me?

Hi 👋🏻,
If you are able to make it up to here, thanks a lot for your time. Without any further ado, let me jump into how will I be able to hit the ground running and be of value from day 1 to your company.
I did some research on what does it take to make an efficient and delightful recruitment experience for both the candidates and the hiring managers. And here’s how I will approach it if given a chance at your company.

Standardising emails and communication with the candidates

I have taken a shot at creating some common templates that I might use while dealing with candidates at your company. You can find them here:

Recruitment dashboard

Another problem, I believe recruiters would face is to keep track of 100s of applications, their statuses, leads, reach outs, channels and what not. And to tackle this I have created a started recruitment dashboard that will help not just the recruiters but the hiring managers to keep tab of their pipeline and overall sourcing health
You can find it here:
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