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Hi, I’m Sanjoli 👋🏻

I am a self-starter and go-getter who likes to learn and explore different fields. I graduated from AMU and pursued Full Stack Development for 6 months. I then had to take the responsibility of the eldest child and helped my father run his Medical shop. Until recently, I worked at a startup (Mithril) as a Business Analyst Intern.
When I am not being too serious, I like to dance and write. I look forward to meeting like minded professionals and continue on this ever learning, ever growing path - life.

Work experience


Jun’23 - August’23 • 3 mos

Business Analyst Intern
Mithril is a new age tech-staffing agency. I led the efforts to manage the job postings (over 1000 job postings) from over 60 companies and showing them up on our website.
I automated the process of scraping jobs and extracting important information and their classification into pre configured roles, levels, and experience level.
This saved us over 90 person-hours per month.


Aug’20 - Jan’22 • 1yr 5mos

Shop owner
Ran my father’s Medical Shop in his absence and digitised it to increase revenue by 50%, track credits and expiries
After my internship at Knoldus, my father took ill and as the eldest child, I had to take on the responsibility to run his Medical shop during Pandemic.
I digitised our offerings through the WhatsApp to facilitate online medical shopping in our nearby areas
I added all of our pending and new credits on Khatabook which helped with insights and recovery
I re-organised our displays and shelf to ensure better visibility and I used Marg PoS to track expiries
Despite being new to this business, I was able to increase our revenue by 50% (from Rs 2 Lacs per month to Rs 3 Lacs per month) within 3 months


Jan’20 - Aug’20 • 6 mos

Full Stack Developer Intern
Built an internal leaderboard for Knoldus employees that allows managers to add tasks and activities of their reportees and show the ranks and scores against these tasks and activities
I built the app Front-end using Ionic framework

Aligarh Muslim University

Aug’17 - Jul’20
Coordinator: Training and Placement Cell, Computer Science Department
Led a 8 member team working for placements of 200 students, hosting 30 companies.
Worked for placements in various aspects including logistics, operations, policy and university relations among others.
Worked with a team of 8 to organize the largest-ever second-semester internship season by hosting 12 companies for 120 pre-final year students.


Business Analyst
Business development
HTML5, CSS, JavaScript
Web development
C++, JAVA (Beginner)


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Issued May 2020 · No Expiration
Credential ID UC-917f4b9d-b4a8-4430-b644-944e0f034286
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Issued Feb 2020 · No Expiration
Credential ID UC-76a4da08-deb8-4fd2-994e-c61358ff1edb
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Issued Jan 2020 · No Expiration
Credential ID UC-CJ2SQVNT


M.C.A (Hons)

Aligarh Muslim University

B.C.A (Hons)

Aligarh Muslim University,

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