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Business Analyst Intern

What is Mithril

Mithril is a new age tech staffing agency that helps employers find the top 1% engineering talent
They have job board @ where they have curated engineering jobs from the top 100 tech companies in India

What was your role?

Managing the job postings

I used to manage the job postings on the Mithril job board
There are around 700-1000 job postings at any time
We used to have web scrapers that would scrape jobs from companies career site
I would then optimise these job postings by
Classification: ​Classify the jobs into one of many engineering roles such as Backend developers, Frontend developers, iOS & Android developers, QA, DevOps, TechOps, Data Science, and Solutions Architect
Augmentation: Augment these jobs with more information on level, and experience. ​Level: SDE 1, SDE 2, SDE 3,...., Engineering Manager, VP Engineering, and so on
Formatting the Job description: ​Many jobs have very poor quality job description (JDs). Poorly formatted and riddled with typos and grammatical mistakes. I would format these JDs into a uniform format so that it looks better visually on the website as well as convey the most important information to the candidates
My contribution
Earlier this was done on Google sheet and it was very time consuming. I moved the process to Coda and using formulas, I automated the process. From then on, anytime a new job was added, a notification will come and I will quickly add the required information. This saved us over 90 hrs/month (3-4 hrs per day)
Used Coda AI to automatically categorise new jobs. I would then only need to a quick review
Used Coda AI to automatically format the JDs
Used Coda formulas to show me how many jobs needed updates

Business development

Candidate outreach:
Track all new signups on the website and call them to understand if they are a fit for our top 1% talent pool. If yes, get more information such as - Notice period, Current Salary, Type of companies they are looking for, How far are they in their preparation and so on
We will then match these candidates with the Recruiters that we have in our network
Employer outreach:
Reach out to companies who are hiring for engineering talent and tell them that we have a robust talent pool of top 1% talent
Upon onboarding, we will then try to fill their open roles by co-ordinating interviews and other recruitment process.

Product development

Based on different feedback that I receive from both the candidates and the recruiters, I will convey the same to the engineering team and help them ideate on new features that will help our users. Here are some things that I worked on
Shortening the candidate onboarding form ​Earlier the candidate onboarding form was too long which resulted in candidate drop-offs. This was a major pain point as we would miss out on candidates. So I told the same to our engineering team and then they changes the onboarding flow to only ask 3 mandatory questions and the rest of the information, we will collect by calling them which we already did.
Adding Request company feature ​When we started, we were scraping jobs from only 48 companies. So many candidates would feel that we were not showing jobs from other top companies. So we implemented a Request company button which will allow candidate to request for a companies jobs to be shown. Based on the requests, whichever company had many requests, we will then add them to our list. This helped us grow our company pool from 48 to 100.

Shop Owner

Helped in credit recovery
Helped in establishing an online store
Helped with tracking expiries and tracking daily sales at an item level
Daily sales
Add revenue numbers and growth
Types of medicines
Home delivery
Helped in increasing revenue
Bundling of essential groceries with Medicines during Pandemic
Helped in increasing revenue


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