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Should we blitzscale?

Take a hard look at your business model.

Growth factors and limiters

For successful blitzscaling, competitive advantage comes from growth factors—like market size, distribution, high gross margin, and network effects—built into the business model. By triggering a feedback loop, these growth factors allow companies to dominate the market and tap into the first-scaler advantage. But our business model should also be built to anticipate the challenges of growth limiters, such as lack of product/market fit and operational scalability.
If we want to find our best business model, we should try to design one that maximizes four key growth factors and minimizes two key growth limiters.
Growth Factor
Are we going after a billion dollar market?
Leverage existing networks and virality
The higher the gross margin, the more valuable each dollar is to the company.
Effects that help build long-term competitive advantage.
Growth Limiter
Your product doesn't generate frequent, intense usage.
Human and infrastructure limitations

Which of these Growth Factors and Limiters apply to us?

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Discuss growth factors/limiters

Once everyone has submitted their feedback, go through each factor and have a discussion on everyone's feedback.
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Does this apply to us?
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Market Size
Buck Dubois
Our market is in the $100M-$200M range, maybe it could be bigger.
Adam Davis
I see our market as being enormous!
Maria Marquis
There are many small business networks we can plug into.
Lack of Product Market Fit
Maria Marquis
We have great product/market fit based on our last survey.
Lola Tseudonym
The market is moving fast, so even if we have product market fit today, it can change tomorrow.
High gross margins
Lola Tseudonym
We have increased our margins in the last year, but still too much variability.
Network effects
Felix Marlin
Each new user feels compelled to invite their friends, hooray!
Operational Scalability
Adam Davis
Outsourcing the manual work to an firm has helped us a lot with getting operations running smoothly.

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