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How do we blitzscale?

Forget what you learn in business school and management classes.
Now that we've come this far, we're ready for the team to fully commit to blitzscaling. So how should we put this framework into action? First, throw out everything you remember from your MBA.
To succeed, you’ll have to violate many of the management “rules” that are designed for efficiency and risk minimization. In fact, to achieve your aggressive growth goals in the face of uncertainty and change, you need to follow a new set of rules that fly in the face of what is taught in business schools and are completely counterintuitive to accepted “best practices” of either early-stage start-ups or classic corporate management.
1. Embrace Chaos
Take action even if you know there are issues to resolve. Accept the uncertainty, and make decisions based on your best estimate of the probabilities.
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Create our action plan

Think about which of these rules are the most relevant to us, considering the growth factors and limiters we decided to build a business model around. What growth factors are low hanging fruit? Where are the easiest wins? What will be the most difficult challenges?
We have the tools, knowledge, and commitment to make blitzscaling work for our company.
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