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Discord Bot

Purpose of the bot is to allow members on discord channels to view jobs as they are posted to our job platform. The members can then click on the button and it will jump straight to the job page and they can apply for it.
Channels can filter out jobs when the channel uses the bot.
The bot will be controlled by the channel admin and not the members individually. The channel admin can choose specific filter tags for the job board that they want to subscribe to.
Types of Filters
Job category.
Job category = Developer, Marketer, Artist
Bot Specifics
Bot is able to filter
by Job Category - example: developer
Each bot instance is registered to a specific channel
Updating the bot
The user can use bot commands to create the bot and update the bot. it must be done by the channel owner
How it works
They add the bot to the server
They create a channel or find an existing unused one, let's say it's called hello
They setup the bot to the channel /rethinkable setup hello
4. In step 3 they can also add the filter commands e.g. /rethinkable setup hello developer - which only shows developer roles to this channel. They can setup the bot to as many channels as they like
Job Bot Flow
Job Posting Bot, example:
When a job is posted on the site, the discord bot will activate and post into servers that have added and setup the bot correctly
The job will contain specific category tags to that job which will determine which channel it will be posted in the servers. Specific tags will lead to specific channels in the servers
Users can apply to the job by clicking on the posting by the bot which will take them to the job portal site with the specific job
The job bot will post the following data
Type of job e.g. Dev
Project twitter or website
Job description
Ideal candidate
Channel Managers only should be able to add and setup the bot
Initialization message
When bot setup command is used, it posts a welcome message into the channel it has been linked to

Discord bot v2

Additional functionality to allow projects to manage applications opposed to candidates being able to reach out to the projects directly which means applicants can also apply in discord. The same bot should be able to handle both of these operations

Servers where the bot has been setup to post
Content they will see for each ad
Project name
Job title
Job description
Category: 1 category for the ad
Apply button → opens fields to fill out
Fields to fill out that will be sent to the project when clicking the apply button
About you
Why you
Prior experience
Submit button → goes to to who setup up the application

The server of the application creator
Functionality to create a job ad within their own discord server (if bot is added)
Project name
Job title
Job description
Category (project selects)
Job ad ID outputted to the project and info to setup feed
The channel the job ad is created in will be the channel the applications are forwarded to
Each time a user submits an application in any server that is showing job ads, the ad is forwarded to the channel that the application was created in
Content forwarded
Discord ID (automatically filled based off applicants ID)
Why them
Final notes
Project then has the option to contact the applicant or not, no further functionality, just shows the Discord ID they used to send the application

All job ads must be accepted by an admin in the Rethinkable server before being forwarded
Shows a preview in our Discord server to admins only i.e. in “review-ads” channel
Two options
Accept ad → bot posts
Decline ad → bot doesn’t post

Job Categories
Creative work
Community management
Alpha hunting
Other (specialty)

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