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Technology Specs
Frontend Development: Svelte
A solid frontend framework that’s gaining huge popularity over the past 2 years due to its performance and ease of development.
Backend Development: Nodejs
A solid backend development language that’s highly popular among all devs
Database: Postgres
A solid SQL Relational database that’s secure and open source, which makes it very cost affordable.

Strategy For Development
Leverage on templates for website and job portal (if available)
Focus on clean design with standardized components
Work with third party hosting such as google, aws. Never host systems on own as it causes issues with security and requires more effort for maintenance
Week 1
UI UX Development
Discord Bot Development
Week 2 & 3
Development of Job Platform
Frontend Platform
Development of Admin panel
A simple panel for the admin to be able to approve jobs postings
Week 4
Deployment of platform
Job Platform Bug testing and fixes

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