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Platform Overview

Overview (concept/idea)

The LinkedIn of web3. Filling a gap in the market by creating the first job marketplace that only services web3 users i.e. crypto/nft projects looking to hire and individuals in the space looking for a job. Typically creating a job site would be easy however as our target audience is web3 our site needs to be quite different from a standard hiring site.

Why are we different?
Anonymous and based on social proof
Supports web3 identities, not real life identities
Emphasis on linking socials to prove web3 identity
Community based auditing
Community can flag profiles/identities who have malicious intent
Unique fields
Web3 jobs and what people look for when hiring someone in web3 are completely different, the layout and fields will be completely different to any normal jobs site.
Web3 APP
Web3 apps have a simple and easy to use feel that gets straight to the point. It’s heavily suggested to go with a sidebar layout. View sites like MagicEden, Blocksmith Labs. Sidebar must remain consistent throughout the whole site and look aesthetically pleasing, use drop downs in the sidebar if needed.
View the deck for a high level perspective. Ultimately, this platform is for web3 users so it must cater to them - which is completely different to how a job site in web2 would work. Following sections will outline what we need.

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