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Software Project Template

1.    User Requirement Specification

1.1. Background

Provide a short introduction to the topic of the FDD. (Functional Design Document)

1.2. Process Flows

Add a copy of the process flow for the topic

1.3. Process Description - Name of process. (Eg Product Cost Planning)

Provide a detailed description of the process. Use multiple sections and sub-section so as to CLEARLY give the FULL requirement.

1.3.1. Process sub-section

1.4. Process Description part 2 (If needed).

2.    Technical requirements

Provide a detailed overview of the technical requirements needed to implement the functional requirement.

2.1. Master Data

2.2. Configuration

Identify and explain the various config settings needed for this process


Determine whether any additions to the standard SAP functionality is required to satisfy the requirements, and document those requirements below.

2.2.1.    Forms

2.2.2.    Reports

2.2.3.    Interfaces

2.2.4.    Conversions

2.2.5.    Enhancements

2.2.6.    Workflows

2.3. Testing

Set up scenarios that needs to be tested to ensure that the functionality works properly.

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