The evolution of the todo-list
The Evolution of the ToDo List

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Generation zero - In the beginning


This page is only included for historical, backward compatibility purposes. It in no way, shape or form impacts the rest of the document.... 😎

Do you remember in the beginning? Your first todo list?
In grey pencil. Looking like this:
Buy groceries
Pick up the kids after school
REMEMBER a gift for Mother in Law’s birthday!!!!
And how excited you were to do it in WordPerfect for the first time? Or Visicalc or Lotus if you were an accountant? And Quattro Pro if you were a maverick, living on the edge....
THEN - Check boxes:
Pay the internet provider.
Attend college graduation next weekend


Well, things have changed!

Join us for a trip through the evolution of the todo list, leading to this, the pen-ultimate to do list.
(Why penultimate? Because YOU are going to use this to build YOUR ultimate todo list.)

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