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I don’t like the colours used for the Emotions 😕. What can I do ?

The colours are applied on each emotion (in any spectrum) through conditional formatting.
You can modify them directly at the source in

I don’t like the word used for this Emotion 😕. Can I change it ?

You can rename the emotion as you wish 😊. There’s no restriction here.
All Emotions are moved around the doc using Unique ID 😊.

I think this Emotion should be placed somewhere else on the wheel 🤔. Can I move it ?

If it’s an Emotion in the you can simply drag and drop its row where you want it to be 😊.
It will get new coordinates on the wheel (once the Trigonometry Pack is done with what it has to do 😇).
If it’s an Emotion in the or , it’s a bit trickier.
You can also drag and drop its row to a new position but you would also need to relink it, according to that new position in the .

I’ve accidentally added a new Emotion manually, without using the dedicated tables in , what should I do now ? 😬

First, don’t panic ! 😁 ... It’s not a big deal 😉.
If it’s an Emotion in the and the Trigonometry Pack is not syncing anymore :
Check the table in : If you don’t see your Emotion there and there is no row available, add a row in .
Check the table in : If in the very last row of the table the value in the column Angle Max (d°) is not 360, add a row in . Once it gets back to 360, everything should be fine there 😊.
And last but not least, check both tables in and : If in both those tables, in the very last available row the value in Feeling Max (in ) and Energy Max (in ) is not 10, simply add a row to the 2 tables and . Once both are back to 10, it will be like nothing ever happened 😉 !

Can I create Tags / Activities or personalize the ones I can already select ?

Yes 😁 !
You’ll find a view of the whole list (and some explanations) in

In the tracker, I evaluate my
as a number /100 but the
keep them as values /10 🧐. Why the inconsistency here ?

The first reason is that while I was exploring the possibilities I had concerning how those values will be entered and processed, I found sliders with a max value of 100 easier to manipulate, especially on Mobile 😊.
The second reason is that for a question of potential performance issues, I couldn’t use scales /100 for and .
As reason n°1 is linked to reason n°2, I decided to leave that inconsistency as it doesn’t change in any way the results 😊

Is this doc mobile friendly ? 😇

To some extend, yes 😊.
To be honest and for lots of reasons, it wasn’t really meant to be used on Mobile.
But, there are 2 dedicated Mobile views you can use “on the go”, if you need to 😊.
💡 Tips: To navigate between the various Emotions already there, just swipe left or right 😉
For a somewhat quick access to those pages when you’re on mobile, you can add a shortcut for the pages and 😊.
On mobile, only those 2 pages will show up in the navigation (the rest can still be found in More ) and as I’ve placed a link to the “on the go” pages at the top of each page, this should help you with using this doc when you’re not in front of your desktop 😇.
(Thanks to the Amazing Coda Expert for the trick here 😁)

Do you have plans for the future of this doc ? 😊

As a Doc is never finished, as there’s always room for improvement and new features : of course 😁 !
I have lots of ideas 💡 and possibilities to explore 😁 .
But just to name a few... Using cross-doc for the
, improving how the Emotions can be manipulated (in any way... renaming, activated/deactivated, etc...), making the wheel more precise (I do understand myself here 😅), making the axes ( and ) interchangeable...
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