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Adding Emotions

In Spectrum 1 - 1⁄𝑥

As I said somewhere in , adding Emotions to the can be a bit tricky (as you might need to check if the tables , , and don’t also need a new row to be added).
As a workaround, here’s a small table that will actually do this for you, when and if necessary 😊.
It will leave you with only one job : positioning the newly created emotion where you want it to be in .
All that’s required here is a name for the Emotion.
Icon, Emotions (Spectrum 2 - ⅛) and Emotions (Spectrum 3 - ¼) can either be added later or not at all if you wish 😊.
Be patient 😇, the Trigonometry pack will have some work to do here 😇.
Emotions (Spectrum 2 - ⅛)
Emotions (Spectrum 3 - ¼)
Add Emotion
Add Emotion
There are no rows in this table

Spectrum 2 - ⅛ and/or Spectrum 3 - ¼

This is much more straightforward 😊.
You can create here either an emotion in the , an emotion in the or even both 😊
Like before, all you would need to do is add the name(s) of this/those emotion(s) in Emotion in Spectrum 2 and/or in Emotion in Spectrum 3 😊. That’s it 😊.
Emotion in Spectrum 2
Icon Spectrum 2
Emotion in Spectrum 3
Icon Spectrum 3
Add Emotions
Add Emotion(s)
There are no rows in this table

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