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This project marks the end of an amazing Coda-venture ✨: The very first Coda Doctorate 🎓 🙌 !
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I signed up for it almost as soon as I got the news 😁!
In order to graduate from this awesome program 🌟, we were tasked with building a Capstone Project 😊 : A whole new doc, limited by very few requirements and using what we learned during the Doctorate 🙌.
This doc is simply the one I chose to build 😇.
Among all the ideas I had, it was the one I was really excited about, the one I wanted to explore.
So, here it is 😊 !
Oh and if you’re curious about who I am, we may already have crossed paths, on the 😉 ...


Plant Lover 🌿, Cat lover 🐱 and DB Enthusiast 😁
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If you have any feedback 💬 about this doc you would like to share, don’t hesitate and send me a PM 😉 !
Or, you can also simply leave a comment in this topic 😊... 👉

Meanwhile, as Spock would say 🖖 ...
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