Moody Me

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Getting started

What this doc does and how to use it

What ?

As mentioned in the , the sole purpose of this doc is to help you track your emotional state over time and potentially gather insights about it 😊.

How ?

Based on a “Wheel of Emotions”, the tracker ( ) comes pre-loaded with 32 emotions somehow “ordered” on the Wheel by how positive or negative they are and their level of energy (arousal).
By entering your level of
and how positive or negative the
is, the tracker will retrieve the Emotion linked to those values for you 😊... basically telling you how you’re currently feeling 😊.
So, to make it all work, all you need to do in is :
Evaluate your level of
using the dedicated slider
Evaluate how positive or negative your
is using another dedicated slider
Reveal the Results by clicking on the appropriate button 😊.
Choose your “next adventure”, which can be :
If you have time or simply want to, you can add details to the result(s) you just got such as Tags/Activities or picture(s) or a note... or any of those 😊.
Pre-save the Result(s) into the to analyse and/or annotate them later, when you have time to do so 😊 and then, when you’re ready, save them to the
Reset the tracker or save the results as they are to the

And in a nutshell, that’s it 😁 !
Now, if you’re curious and would like to discover how it works “behind the scene” or if you wish to go further and know how you could customize the wheel to make it yours, you’ll find everything you should need in :

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