Spreadsheet versus Database

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Check out these resources to learn more about Coda.
This doc focuses on the foundational concept of spreadsheets versus database.
If you’re interested in learning about more advanced Coda solutions, please do reach out, and another webinar might be coming your way soon ;-)
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Check out these amazing resources for more insights:

Coda Experts
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Connect with like-minded Coda makers, reach out with your questions and peruse the archive to learn ever so much.
Read More
Insightful Blog posts by Christiaan Huizer about how to solve business problems with the Coda Formula Language
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Membership by Paul_D, probably the comunity’s most experienced Coda expert.
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Coda Webinars. Hosted by the wonderful Maria Marquis. ‘nuff said.
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Coda’s very own learn doc. The name says it all. Do you want to learn by reading, watching, doing? It’s all there for the taking.
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Apply for the Coda Doctorate. An amazingly immersive experience to learn from the best. This will kickstart your Coda journey like nothing else!
Background information
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Coda’s Al Chen shares his transition from a hardcore Excel-aficionado to an early Coda-adopter
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Coda’s Matt Hudson shares the key concept behind designing the Coda formula language.
Coda’s Matt Hudson outlines why Coda was designed the way it is today.
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