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Up-level your skills with an immersive 5-week program.
One of the things that excites me most about Coda is that docs are only limited by our imagination.
Each doc starts as a blank canvas. And I’ve seen makers turn this space into everything from to to . But a universe of opportunity can also be intimidating, especially without a linear, one-size-fits all approach to building foundational skills.
So, when we started thinking about what a Coda certification could look like, we turned to one of our values—right vs. familiar—which guides us to go with the right solution rather than what’s been done in the past.
Certifications, reimagined (again!)
Tech certifications aren’t new, but a few things never sit right with me:
They can be super expensive.
They can feel unattainable or unapproachable.
The word certification feels stuffy.

So when I was designing a program for Coda, I had a few non-negotiable items:
The program is free.
The program fits into anyone’s schedule.
The program centers on community and creativity.
The program has a lite and deep-dive option.

All of these thoughts went into the creation of what we call the Coda Doctorate Program (pun most definitely intended). In 2021, we created the Coda Doctorate program to support makers in growing their Coda skills in community. We had a great time, and we turned again to our value—right over familiar. While the Doctorate program was hugely successful, we wanted to make it even more accessible to even more people.
What exactly is the Coda Doctorate Program?
The program is comprised of two modules: Coda Bootcamp and the Coda Doctorate.
Step 1 - Coda Bootcamp (2 weeks)
Instead of a formal application, your journey begins with the first module - Coda Bootcamp. In this two week program, we’ll dig into how to think about Coda to build effective, engaging, hard-working docs. During the Bootcamp, we’ll build the foundational mental models for powerful doc building and troubleshooting to ensure you’ll be proud of every doc you build. Rather than simply learning the recipes, we’ll teach you how to think about doc “ingredients” to help you be a more flexible and fast problem solver with docs.
Week 1 - Doc archetypes and databases
We begin the program with a deep-dive into the three common doc archetypes so you can build quickly and efficiently.
The week ends with an overview of the power of databases and how to shift your thinking from traditional spreadsheet programs to unlock your superpowers.
Week 2 - Formulas
The Coda formula language is one of the most powerful features available to you, but where to begin? This week focuses on how to think about formulas, troubleshoot when things go wrong, and an overview of the five formulas you’ll need to be successful right away.

Once you complete the Bootcamp, you’ll be eligible to attend the full Doctorate program.
Step 2 - Coda Doctorate (5 weeks)
After you complete the Coda Bootcamp, you’ll be able to join the full Coda Doctorate program if you’d like to continue your learning journey. We’ve reimagined the process of building a doc, using app design principles to uncover the potential to be skilled Coda makers. During the Doctorate, you’ll be working on a capstone project from start to finish. Each week, you’ll build your maker skills. In addition to learning how to build, each week, you’ll receive formula exercises and templates to expand your tool set.
Week 1 - Identify the problem
A great Coda doc starts with a clear understanding of what the problem you want to solve is. In this week, we’ll explore the beginnings of design and the tools available to you including packs, mobile, and automations.
Week 2 - Doc database design
The best Coda docs are intentionally designed from the ground up. This week, we focus on organizing your data to keep your docs optimized and streamlined.
Week 3 - Doc interface design
This week is a deep dive into user interface design principles to ensure every doc you build is pleasing to look at and delightful to use.
Week 4 - Build your business on Coda
Here at Coda, we want our makers to be successful. This week focuses on your long term success. If you’re an individual, we review monetization. If you’re a business owner or work for a company, we’ll focus on building your second team doc and the doc ecosystem.
Week 5 - Publishing and promoting your doc
The program closes with a flex of our creativity: a doc built for the Gallery with special support from Coda’s social team.

We can’t wait to learn with you.
A certification is great, but community is better. Built on a cohort model, we can connect and support each other during and after the program. We’ll also celebrate our graduates with a special published doc to raise awareness about (and show off) their skills. We all get better when we work together and share our special skills and insights. I hope to see you there!
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Q3 Cohort - Applications are closed for this cohort
Applications due - May 30, 2022
Applicants notified - June 6, 2022
Bootcamp Cohort begins - June 20, 2022
Doctorate Cohort begins - July 25, 2022

Q4 Cohort - Now accepting applications!
Applications due - August 19, 2022
Applicants notified - August 22, 2022
Bootcamp Cohort begins - September 5, 2022
Doctorate Cohort begins - October 3, 2022
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