Spreadsheet versus Database

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Webinar - Spreadsheets vs. Databases

Coda's Maker Stories Webinar, dated 19 April 2022
Hi there,
, great to have you!
I’m excited to share with you a recording of the Coda Maker Stories Webinar I did with the wonderful Maria Marquis (Coda’s Chief Cheerleading Officer).
If you have any questions or would like to connect, please reach out on !
You can watch the webinar’s recording here:
Or, if you’d like to view it in full-screen, please navigate to
This doc serves as an addition to the webinar, and covers the following:
The act of successfully switching from a spreadsheet to a database comprises the following five steps, which we will tackle together:
Understand the differences between spreadsheets and databases
Move your data out of your existing spreadsheet
This requires transforming your current data set-up, to ensure that it’s fulfills a database’s requirements
Move your data into your database
Import your data into Coda, define the relationship between your data points and set up your views
Use it during your daily work
Repeat for new processes

I’ll cut you a deal - I’ll care of the first three steps and you’ll tackle the remaining two. You’ll be more than capable to do so once we’re done.
Deal? Well then,

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