Tri-Sector Mindset & Tools: A Guide
Tri-Sector Mindset

NewImpact Tri-Sector Catalyst Projects

In addition to the work we’ve done in advisory roles, our internal team of NewImpact innovation consultants has completed catalyst project work in a variety of impact areas, including housing and food insecurity, voter access and equality, employment and labor, and more. Our process includes the use of our unique suite of tools custom-created as part of the tri-sector innovation process. Below are overviews of recent projects, with links to more in-depth details and outcomes, where available:
- NewImpact worked with Metro Caring in Denver to spearhead innovation in a utility model, harnessing resources and aligning interests across sectors. We designed a tri-sector model to transform the way we address and solve food insecurity in America: a community food utility that offers free, high-quality food and pays for itself. We are now working to roll out pilot programs across the country and encourage communities to reach out to us directly for more information on this transformative concept.
- NewImpact identified bottlenecks causing payment delays in the roll-out of the Covid-19 Federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program and proposed a technology platform solution to streamline the process. The tri-sector innovation leveraged data from several government databases and introduced a user-friendly app to ease the burden on system administrators.
- NewImpact conducted a thematic scan to identify a national-level topic for tri-sector innovation. We explored the economic insecurity of older adults in the U.S., focused on the employment needs of older workers looking to remain in the workforce or change careers. The innovation concept focused on work-based learning opportunities to benefit workers, improve workforce retention, and support corporate diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.
Supporting Black-Owned Small Business
NewImpact worked with the Urban League of Hillsborough County to train University of South Florida students on the tri-sector mindset. This project led them through the tri-sector innovation process with the goal of increasing the success of existing Black-owned small businesses in Tampa, Florida.
Helping and Inspiring Young Workers in Vermont
NewImpact oversaw a thematic scan to better understand needs in the state of Vermont and ideate 16 project areas for innovation and impact. The selected innovation concept was a tri-sector “Career Launch Pad” to help and inspire young workers, age 22-30, to stay in state and develop their personal and professional lives in Vermont.
This is a sampling of the work we are doing, and we’re just getting started. Our work is designed to be scalable, and the tools with which we conduct our research are free and openly shared, as are the knowledge, insights and resources we gain and identify during our innovation process.
We invite you to to learn more about our mindset, process, and tools, and how your organization could benefit from a tri-sector business model.


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