Tri-Sector Mindset & Tools: A Guide

About NewImpact

is a Seattle-based, humanity-benefit nonprofit (501c3) dedicated to changing the way the world finds opportunities and solves problems. By forging a , we aim to catalyze and scale innovation by leveraging existing resources from—and aligning interests of—the private, social, and public sectors, in order to achieve progress that benefits people and the planet.
Our current systems for change are slow-moving, heavily siloed, and inefficient. Our solutions are designed to be scalable and self-sustaining, and we believe in full transparency when it comes to sharing our tools, research, and findings.
NewImpact is actively engaging thought leaders as we continue to explore the possibilities of tri-sector business modeling. If you or your organization is interested in helping pilot one of our programs in your community, please .
To find out more about NewImpact, please visit our .

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