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If you'd like to support our work moving forward here are some ways to do that.
“Us” in this case being me, Myk Bilokonsky. The best way to support me is via my where I have a tip jar and also I have “commissions” and “memberships” open.
What this means is that you can pay me ten bucks and I will; but if you make more than $100,000 per year there’s an upcharge, and if your net worth is in excess of $1million dollars there’s an even greater upcharge. Those numbers are real - this is an opportunity to subsidize important work in this space, and I’m asking people who have more resources to allocate some of them this way.
There’s also an opportunity to commission me for a private consult, though it’s a bit more expensive it works with the same sliding scale. This is a great option for folks who have personal questions that won’t necessarily generalize into an essay, or parents who sometimes need advice from an #ActuallyAutistic adult.
Similarly for , they’re expensive. A basic membership is $15/month and comes with nothing but the knowledge that you’re helping me build out resources and community for our people, and the $200 and $2500 tiers add essay commissions and consultation time with me.
Finally, if my work has helped your company to do its job better, make more money, better support Neurodivergent Employees, etc? Please consider asking your employer to make a donation to help keep this site running. Essays like help everyone. Thank you!
I believe that the resources provided here are valuable, and that my essays have a lot to offer on a lot of subjects. I also believe that the authors of the guest essays I publish have meaningful thoughts to contribute to the larger discourse. Finally, I think that building out our community is the best way to work towards destigmatization and acceptance for everyone. All of this is work, and all of this has real value. In the capitalist hellscape we’re living in that means money. Your support not only funds my continuing effort but allows me to pay others for their contributions, and that’s how this SHOULD work.
Note: I’m not a nonprofit or any kind of formal organization at this point. I’m just me, an individual, doing his best to build out resources from what he’s learned and offer a safe space for people to better understand themselves and each other.
Special Thanks
My employer, Mode Analytics takes diversity (including Neurodiversity) seriously. During an internal hack day I put together some resources for our Neurodiversity ERG and enjoyed the process so much that I splintered this off and created the Public Neurodiversity Support Center. But make no mistake - this site wouldn’t be here today if not for Mode Analytics and their ongoing support of Neurodivergent employees.
When my Mode Analytics site first went live I spent a few more days pouring a lot of time and energy into it. When it became obvious that it was going to become more than just an internal set of company resources an employee from Coda reached out on Twitter and offered to fund my work on it as a part of their Maker project. We discussed what that would look like a bit and I applied for and received a grant to keep this site going. So thank you, Coda!
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