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Here are some ways you can help us change lives.
Thank you for considering lending us your support. There are a few ways you can help!
Look: I don’t want money from anyone who is struggling. But I don’t work in tech anymore, and my finances are pretty scary. The best way you can help me is to get your company to buy a retainer-based subscription to my services at — you can also hire me there to coach you.
If you can afford a , great.
If you can afford a
, great.
But otherwise there are without spending a dime!

Non-Financial Support

This site exists as a resource, first and foremost. I’m not trying to profit from it, I’m trying to reach as many un-, under- or mis-diagnosed neurodivergent people as I can, and that’s something everyone can help with.
Some ways you can help me spread this message and change peoples’ lives:
Are you neurodivergent? Tell your story! and we’ll see about getting you paid and published for your expertise — because that’s what decades of lived experience with neurodivergent conditions is.
Share your favorite on social media, and tell people why you like them. A link is one thing, but a personal statement about what was valuable about the essay is going to make people more engaged.
Spend time in places where newly diagnosed Autistic people gather and send them a link to — it’ll change their lives. By this I mean subreddits like or , or Autistic Facebook groups, or even twitter searches for phrases like .
This may seem like slow, meaningless work until you get that first DM telling you that the resources you just sent someone changed or even saved their life.

Financial Support

Things this money has been used to pay for so far:
A number of from neurodivergent people, many of whom are un- or under-employed but have tremendous wisdom to offer. I’ve got a bunch more I haven’t published yet, and a queue of writers eager to contribute. Which brings me to...
We’re currently in the process of hiring an editor to help me manage the growing list of content. I’ve identified the individual, she’s amazing with a background a novelist and lawyer and a gift for enhancing the meaning of the words she’s touching without changing the vibe.
We periodically run ad campaigns targeting specific essays at specific conversations on Twitter in the hopes of driving people to the site. It’s had mixed results so far, but we’re getting better at it.
We’re working towards the creation of a book club with a paid facilitator to help Autistic people learn how to reason about the intersection of Neurodiversity and Race. This is actively in progress after a brief hiatus due to family emergencies.
I’m considering branching out into creative works — I’d like to show the world the breadth of neurodivergent creative expression. I feel like I’d have to pay a bit more for complex visual arts or music than I do for essays, and I’m trying to figure out the best way to do that.
It’s a tremendous gift to be able to find someone who is speaking eloquently and insightfully about their life on twitter to a minimal audience and offer to not only publish but pay them for their words. Help me to be able to do that more!

Monthly Membership

You can click through and sign up to support my work on ko-fi. Most of this income is basically just subsidizing the free coaching I spend most of my time doing.

Tip Jar

Monthly support isn’t for everyone, and we know times are hard. If you can’t commit to a regular donation then even a few bucks grows the pot to support this site.
I want to reiterate that I don’t want a dime from people who are worried about making rent or who are counting their change and coupons for food through the week — y’all do enough.

Special Thanks
When my Mode Analytics site first went live I spent a few more days pouring a lot of time and energy into it. When it became obvious that it was going to become more than just an internal set of company resources an employee from Coda reached out on Twitter and offered to fund my work on it as a part of their Maker project. We discussed what that would look like a bit and I applied for and received a grant to keep this site going. So thank you, Coda!
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