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Pitch Me an Essay!
We publish guest essays here at the Public Neurodiversity Support Center, and we pay for them on a sliding scale based on author need. If you'd like to pitch us one of your essays -- either a new piece or one that already exists that you'd be willing to let us cross-post -- please fill out the information here.
What's your email address?
I'll keep this private. This form's data lives in a separate, private Coda document that nobody but Myk has access to. I'll never use this data for anything other than to communicate with you about this essay pitch.

How would you best describe your current financial situation?
I pay contributors on a sliding scale based on need. Every essay I publish receives a minimum of 50 dollars, up to 200 dollars for those in greatest need. (Though you can opt out of receiving money if for whatever reason you'd like to.)
What's the title of the essay you'd like to submit?
This should tell me something informative about the content.
If this essay already exists, where can I read it?
Leave this blank if this would be a new piece.
Tell me about the essay you'd like to write.
You can keep this short if you've provided a link to an existing piece. If it's a new piece, provide me with some details - what do you want to write about, why are you qualified to write about it, what angles do you want to focus on, etc. Pieces can be short or they can be long-form, it's up to you I'll publish either.

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