I can’t do this alone — Neurodiversity is a huge topic and a lot of people have written a lot of things covering a lot of aspects of it better than I could. So I’d like to bring some of those essays here, and I’d like to pay people whose essays I use.
Here’s the deal: if you’d like to pitch me an essay please use this link to submit a pitch:
If it seems like something I’d like to host I’ll reply and we’ll talk about what it would look like to get it published here. This can be an essay you’ve already written and are particularly proud of or it can be new work specific to this project, either way is fine for me.
I believe that neurodivergent people should be compensated for creating educational content about their experiences. I will pay 50 dollars as a base rate for any essay I publish, and I’ll raise that to 100 dollars for anyone who isn’t financially stable and I’ll raise it to 200 for anyone who is really struggling. Please answer honestly about your situation when you submit your pitch — I am just one person doing this, but I have received a small amount of funding for this work and I want to pay it forward.

Your Pitch Should Include:

One or more neurotypes that are relevant to what you’re writing about - why are you pitching to THIS site?
A rough summary of an essay that’s going to run between 1000-5000 words, it’s up to you.
I am also happy to repost your greatest hits here. You have the option, instead of a summary, to send me a link to the piece you’d like me to host.
Your financial situation, either Secure, Unstable or Struggling.
Your email address.

If I choose to publish your work I’ll reach out to confirm payment details and delivery expectations. I’ll also ask you how you’d like to be credited (you’ll get a name linking to a URL, just provide me with both) and also I’ll ask for a banner image. It should be something that’s the same size and shape as the “Guests” image at the top of this page ☝️.

What I’m Looking For

The purpose of this site is to create resources for neurodivergent people. One of the best types of resource — and one that I can’t create myself for all neurotypes — is just a description of a lived experience of that neurotype. Tell me what it means to you to be dyslexic, how it’s impacted your life and how you came to terms with it, etc.
Your audience will consist primarily of people who are relatively new to Neurodiversity and are trying to learn more. Many of them are going to be undiagnosed neurodivergent folks themselves. As you write this essay, ask yourself — “What would it take to let a stranger see themselves in my words?”
The goal is to reach as many undiagnosed or under diagnosed people as possible. Will you help me?

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