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GoVenture TYPING

This page list new features and upgrades made to . Latest updates are at the top.
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May 2022

New System

GoVenture Typing has been moved to our new learning management system on where several other GoVenture products reside (Entrepreneur, Job Interview, and Health).
This unlocks new administrative and sharing features for instructors and makes it easier when using multiple GoVenture programs.

July 2021

Drills and Games

Some early drills that only use a few letters have been modified to use letters that are more commonly used in sequence.
Some drills have had their passing requirements lowered to make them easier to pass.
Using the ENTER key now allows you to proceed to the next drill without having to use the mouse.
Various typos corrected.
BATTLE game no longer allows underscores to be entered (to avoid confusion with fill-in-the-blank selections).


The game now saves after the Skill Test is completed.

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