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This page list new features and upgrades made to . Latest updates are at the top.
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January 2024

Server Change

GoVenture Leader software has been moved to the same server as other GoVenture programs on PlayGoVenture.com. This added another level of technical efficiency.

October 2023

Online Indicator

Added a visual indicator to inform players if they are online or have lost connection with the game server.

Team Play

Fixed an issue where team play might not properly save player decisions.

August 2023

Automatic Advance

Instructors can now set a simulation to advance to the next period automatically, rather than be required to manually click a button each time.
Instructors can set a precise schedule for each advance under EDIT > ADVANCE PERIOD SCHEDULE

Student Accounts

Change applies to College and Nonprofit Users and some Business Users (these are called Learner-Managed Accounts)
Students now create and manage their own login accounts. Previous to this update, instructors were required to create and manage student logins.
A student creates an account with a Subscription Key at , similar to how all other GoVenture programs work. Previous to this update, students would log in at . Note that students, schools, and bookstores can purchase Subscriptions Keys at
Change does NOT apply to K-12 Users and Some Business Users (these are called Instructor-Managed Accounts)
There has been no change to how student accounts are created by the instructor.
Students should continue to log in at using the login provided by the instructor. (Students should NOT be directed to PlayGoVenture.com).

Instructor Accounts

Some instructors who have login accounts for GoVenture Leader are required to create new accounts and from this point forward will log in to GoVenture Leader by going to (instead of ).
The MediaSpark-GoVenture Team will contact you if you are required to create a new account.
This update provides instructors with the benefit of accessing multiple GoVenture programs through one common dashboard.

Shared Simulation Scenarios

Simulation scenarios that are available to play will be marked with a yellow banner that says SHARED SCENARIOS. The only option available with these scenarios is to COPY them. Once you copy a scenario, you can play it with your students— a unique Simulation Number will be generated.
There is no limit on how many times you can copy and play each scenario.

Simulation Number

For Instructors who are directed to create new accounts (Learner-Managed Account)
Individual Play When you want students to play a simulation individually (not in teams) give all students the same Simulation Number to join and play. Your Player roster will build automatically as students join your Simulation (you do not have to enter student names or create logins).
Team Play — When you want students to play a simulation in teams (not individually) you must generate a unique Simulation Number for each Team (click EDIT > TEAMS then click the + button). The Simulation Number is 6 digits followed by a dash and two digit team suffix:
123456-01 (team 1)
123456-02 (team 2)
Give one unique Simulation Number to each Team.
For Instructors who have not had account changes (Instructor-Managed Accounts)
No change with how Simulation Numbers work. You create student logins and give the same Simulation Number to all students or teams you want to play and direct them to log in at


Some bug fixes and smaller improvements.

Video Demo of How to Facilitate a Session, Step By Step

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