The following page lists new features and upgrades made to the business simulation. Latest updates are at the top.
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Business Types
New business types for Full Business
Online Retail
Dental Clinic
July 2022
Level Up Settings
Instructors can now control when students can level up to a second and third Lemonade Stand and a second and third Kiosk business. Controls include Net Profit, Simulation Days Played, and Calendar Date. This allows instructors to better control student pacing when playing the simulation.
You will see this change in new Groups created on or after August 4, 2022. Groups created prior to this date will have the original settings.
See section 8.3 for details.
Business Types
Group settings now allow instructors to control which types of businesses students can play in Kiosk and Full Business.
You will see this option in new Groups created on or after August 4, 2022.
See section 6.2 for details.
Report Visibility
Instructors can choose to hide specific reports so that students cannot see them when playing. For example, you may hide the Balance Sheet and Income Statement and have students build their own from data in the General Ledger.
You will see this option in new Groups created on or after August 4, 2022.
Students can now directly access the Microlearning modules from the GoVenture dashboard without having to launch the simulation. Prior to this change, students had to launch the simulation then click MENU > Microlearning. Students now have both of these ways to access Microlearning.
But note that the new option will only appear after students have joined a Group and started playing the simulation for a few minutes.
See section 5.4 for details.
June 2022
Microlearning Update
This occasional issue of student results not updating should no longer happen.
To make sure your instructor dashboard displays the most recent Microlearning results, direct your students to take one of these actions:
While playing the simulation game, click MENU then SAVE.
Advance the simulation game by one simulated day — reports are automatically updated after a student completes each simulated day in the business simulation (If a student completes Microlearning modules but does not return to continue playing the business simulation, your instructor dashboard will not update with the latest results until they do or save the simulation game).

Learning & Activity Book
Published a new version of this book, which is now called Business Superhero— a 240-page book that helps students learn the fundamental concepts of business and entrepreneurship, including a glossary of over 100 terms.
The older version of this book is still available for instructors who may have referenced pages in the old version. The old version of the book includes input fields, but the new version does not and instead makes the answers available to students at
May 2022
Perpetual and SUITE Licenses
Updated to include new businesses and other content.
April 22, 2022
Business Types
New business types for Full Business
Veterinary Clinic
Cosmetics Boutique
Automotive Center (Difficult)

Employee Hiring Costs
$500 Hiring Costs added to Full Business.
Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction score when out of inventory has been slightly lowered to better reflect that most customers will be unhappy when their product is not available.
Online Version
If the simulation game loses connection with the game server, the game will pause until the connection is re-established. This may happen if the player Internet connection is lost. Prior to this change, the player could continue playing.
January 2022
Simulation game interface now available in French and Spanish (excludes supplemental content).
October 28, 2021
Manual Accounting
Fixed a bug that occasionally would not allow players to post their debits and credits in the manual accounting window.
October 15, 2021
Group Leaderboard
Groups now include a setting where instructors can make the leaderboard for that Group visible on the Global Leaderboards. The Group Leaderboard is only visible to students joined to the Group so that it remains semi-private. Instructors can use this feature to allow students in the same Group to compare their performance with each other— student names remain anonymous.
Group Archiving
Groups that instructors no longer need quick access to can be archived so they do not appear in your list. Archived Groups retain all information and you can reactivate them at any time.
Fixed a bug where debits and credits would occasionally be off by 1 cent.
September 8, 2021
Global Leaderboards
Student simulation results are automatically compared to the best in the world and may appear (anonymously) on the global leaderboards.
View and share the leaderboards with this link —
Full details are available in the
Business Types
New business types for Full Business
Fitness Gym (already live)
Casual Restaurant (already live)
Sandwich Restaurant
Mexican Restaurant
Pizza Restaurant
Department Store
Auto Parts & Service
Ice Cream Store (easy practice simulation)
And even more are coming in a few weeks!
Full details are available in the
Players can raise money by selling shares in the business, but must pay dividends to shareholders.
Perpetual License Version
The Windows/Macintosh installable version is for Perpetual Licenses and Suite Subscriptions.
Reports now display player name, business name, and business type.
Instructor can now sort data columns in the Performance Report summary table.
Instructor can now view all financial reports for each player.
Microlearning setup menu minor improvements.
Performance Reports now only show active simulations for the Group.
Deleted student accounts will no longer appear in the list of accounts.
June 9, 2021
New Languages Added
A language selection bar is now available in the top right corner of the header.
English, French, and Spanish are the current languages available.
Machine translation is used for French and Spanish so the quality is not the same as human translation. Human translation may be used in the future.
June 1, 2021
Full Business
New full business where students run a gym with membership-based services.
Loans module enabled.
Employee training module enabled.
Employees may occasionally arrive late or not at all. The frequency of this happening is based on their reliability. HR Report logs all occurrences for future reference.
Red dots that represent customers changed to people icons.
Kiosk Business
Six new business options are added — Tacos, Hot Dogs, Popcorn & Snacks, Clothing, Costume Jewelry, Electronics. Ice Cream is the only current business option.
Manual Accounting— Fixed a bug where, on rare occurrences, the correct debit/credits were not being accepted unless you used Show Answer.
Red dots that represent customers changed to people icons— similar to the image above.
Instructor Resources
The Education Bundle includes over 50 lessons and activities. These activities have been available in a printable PDF format and are now also available in a format that can be completed with a computer, Chromebook, or tablet. Perfect for distance learning! Access the resources in the Instructor Guide under §Resources In Detail
MAR 29, 2021
Full Business
Skill Score — corrected Profit score (was showing lower than it should have).
Skill Score — corrected Profit Margin table that showed an incorrect value for how this score was calculated. This was a display issue only and did not affect the actual score.
FEB 24, 2021
Full Business
Success Guide to help students with the start of the full business simulation now available. Link is in the Help & User Guide.
Curriculum Guide to help instructors with scope and sequence options. Link is in the Instructor Guide.
JAN 20, 2021
Kiosk Business Upgrades
Students can now set different prices for each Kiosk location.
All business reports now available including General Ledger and Journal.
Detailed consumer profile information now available for all five locations. Including customer traffic patterns by day and hour.
Lemonade Stand Upgrades
Consumer profiles for the three neighborhood locations are now available to help students with matching pricing and quality at each location.
DEC 16, 2020
Kiosk Business Added
For students to play KIOSK, you must use your instructor dashboard to create a NEW GROUP. With the KIOSK business, students will run an ice-cream kiosk with three products and five inventory items, multiple employees, advertising, and more. They will start with one kiosk and when they achieve $4,000 in net profit they will start a second kiosk. Once they achieve $10,000 in net profit, they will start a third kiosk — mobile version.
NOV 23, 2020
Level Up Conditions
To level up to a 2nd and 3rd Lemonade Stand, a student needed to generate $200 and $500 in profit, respectively. This has been changed to $250 and $1,000 and will apply to all new Groups. This change will not affect Groups that were created prior to this change.
This change was made because progression was happening more quickly than desired.
Skill Score Formula Updated
The Skill Score formula for the Lemonade Stand business was calculating too low. An update was made to the formula.
Students will immediately see the new Skill Score. Instructors see the old Skill Score until a student plays one simulated day, at which point the new Skill Score will calculate and appear to the instructor in the Performance Reports.
NOV 12, 2020
The first phase of GoVenture ENTREPRENEUR is now available to play. It includes the Lemonade Stand business, all Microlearning modules, and printable Activities. Kiosk business and Full business will be added soon.

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