GoVenture HEALTH

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Coming Soon
New Action Game
A new action game will be added in the coming weeks.
May 2022
Perpetual and SUITE Licenses
Updated to include the new version of GoVenture Health.
December 2021
Health Career Interviews
A new game has been added to help students explore 13 health careers using a question-and-answer interview process.
The interviews are all under the subject of HEALTH CAREERS
Students choose up to 13 interviews on the GAMES screen.
Job Interview Games 2021-11-04_11-20-11 800px.jpg
The interviewer poses 11 questions and students choose from a list of answers.
There are no wrong answers and completing an interview results in 1,000 points.
Job Interview QA 2021-11-04_11-19-29 800px.jpg
List of Interviews
Laboratory Technician
Medical Doctor
Physical Therapist
Physician Assistant
Radiologic Technologist
October 2021
Performance Report
Fixed a bug in the VIEW BY SUBJECT report that may have impacted some users under certain circumstances.
August 2021
New Games
Crossword Puzzle, Jigsaw Puzzle, and DNA Sequencer (similar to Tetris).
Games previously available: Spelling, Definition, Word Select, and Memory Match.
Students can earn achievements as they complete subjects, quizzes, and games.
March 2021
Show and Hide Subjects
Instructors can now show and hide specific subjects in Group Settings.
Performance Reports
New options added for viewing student achievements.
Body Designer
The Body Designer has added. ​The Body Designer is a fun activity for students to visualize body systems and build their own avatar. Students can open the Body Designer using a button on the virtual smartphone. Body options are unlocked as students earn gold coins. One gold coin is earned for passing a quiz or completing a game. There are hundreds of games and quizzes to play.
January 2021
New Version
The new non-Flash version is launched

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