Gusto's GusTools Playbook
Now it’s time to manage the execution of the plans you’ve just developed. We recommend a kickoff meeting at the start of a new project with all relevant stakeholders. Provide space for stakeholders to highlight potential gaps or risks. Set norms for how the team will work together (e.g. comms plan, meeting cadence, decision-making process).
You have four goals during this time:
Keep the trains running with high standards for both speed and quality. Use the Project Management Tracker to consistently check-in with each team to truly understand if they’re on track or at risk.
Communicate clearly and proactively. Manage the flow of information across stakeholders with the and within your team using the template.
Identify headwinds and capitalize on opportunities. Keep an eye out for all the “known unknowns” and move quickly when you see potential white space. Use the doc to unlock quick decision-making with stakeholders and sponsors.

Make a copy of just the Status Sync Updates
Make a copy of just the Team Meeting Notes
Make a copy of just the Memo/Recommendation
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