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Expanding Our Impact

👉 Objective: Reach as many students and families as possible by establishing a Schoolhouse tutoring program in every high school in the district within 2 school years.
❓ Our Why: Sharing our successful tutoring model across multiple schools within a district ensures that students have equitable access to supplemental math help, regardless of which school they attend.
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The Plan:

Begin as a supplement to the curriculum in Algebra I courses.
We need to gain the trust and support of the math department.
Building positive working relationships with math teachers should be the goal.
Prioritize remediation for students who are falling behind or failing.
Teachers often spend the most time with students who are falling behind or failing, leaving on-track and advanced students with less one-on-one instruction.
By focusing our efforts primarily on remediation, we are taking a time-sink off of teachers’ plates, freeing them up to meet the needs of all their students.
Focusing on the lowest-achieving students provides an opportunity to demonstrate that our tutoring program leads to academic growth.
Gather data on attendance, progress, and grades.
Progress in education is slow, and no change happens without the data to support it.
Data empowers students to take ownership over their learning by setting goals and tracking their progress.
Data empowers teachers to support the work we’re doing.
Data empowers administrators to advocate for expanding the program to the district level.
Data empowers our team to ensure we’re on the right track and to adjust as needed.
Present evidence of success to administrators.
Administrators care about results and resources. We need to show them that providing us with resources (time, building access, technology, etc.) produces results that reflect well on the school.
Administrators are busy. We need to do the legwork of collecting, analyzing, summarizing, and presenting data that demonstrates our impact.
Frame the program as an equity initiative.
Our tutoring program can level the playing field for marginalized students:
Students who lack access to technology or quiet, safe places to study
Students with IEPs or 504 Plans who need extra supports
Students with ILPs who need extra supports
Advanced students who aren’t getting enough attention or challenge in the classroom
Empower administrators to build a case for expanding the program within the district.
When given the data proving our success and talking points to take to district-level administration, school-level administration can advocate for expanding our tutoring program to more schools throughout the district.
Talking points should focus on equity, academic achievement, and parent/guardian support.

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