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Schoolhouse Tutoring Pilot Program

Project Background

Schoolhouse is planning to take its current high school math tutoring marketplace and turn it into a School Offering, where Schoolhouse will provide a school with a cohort of tutors to help close student learning gaps. The goal is for this tutoring model to enable high dosage connections between tutors / learners and act as a true supplement to the classroom.
We are considering piloting this work with the Algebra I class of a single high school, in which 300 students will be taking Algebra I. The class plans to follow the Khan Academy Algebra I Curriculum and wants Schoolhouse tutoring to support students who fall behind the regular curriculum pace or want additional guidance.

My Role

Ask the right questions.
Knowing where to begin in public education is challenging. Fortunately, I bring years of teaching experience to the table, as well as an MSEd in Curriculum & Instructional Design with a concentration in Educational Technology.
I know the nuances of how various stakeholders define and measure success.
I know the language that administration wants to hear when determining how to allocate resources.
Unpack the jargon.
I speak “education-ese,” including acronyms, jargon, and even educational law.
You can rely on my expertise when it comes to navigating educational bureaucracy and funding.
Allow me to break down the jargon into simple, plain English so that our team can do what they do best - helping students learn!
Design steps toward success.
I know how to design with the end objective in mind, how to scaffold learners toward gaining new knowledge, and how to accommodate a wide variety of diverse learners.
I’m approaching this proposal as a teacher, a learner, a trainer, an instructional designer, and as a student advocate.
Ensure our success.
I can design feedback and assessment procedures to measure our impact and ensure that we are helping students thrive.

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