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👉 Objective: Determine what this program’s curriculum should look like.
❓ Our Why: Collaborating with the school will ensure curricular alignment between Schoolhouse tutoring and the math department, enabling students to succeed.

What should our curriculum look like?

The first session is devoted to getting to know students and conducting a needs analysis.
Students meet with the same tutor each session to build a relationship.
Tutors identify a set of modules to assign to students based on their individual needs analysis.
Tutors monitor student progress, adjusting the curriculum speed to match students’ abilities.
Scope: Tutors work with teachers to identify key skills necessary for success in Algebra I. These skills frame the scope of the curriculum.
Sequence: Tutors works with teachers to outline prerequisite skills to create the sequence of the curriculum.
Independent Modules
Students should be able to jump into tutoring at any time throughout the school year.
Tutors assign students discrete modules for each skill. Students focus on one skill at a time.

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