Venture Capital 101 : The Guide for Everything you Need

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Venture Capital 101 : The Guide for Everything you Need to Know

A collection of everything you need to know as you break into the world of venture capital.

Hi I’m Jonathan. I’m the founder of GenZScouts, XIR at Brex, and investor over at Daydream Ventures. Previously, I was in venture at GSV and also do venture capital/ startup Tik Toks @venturecapitalguy. Over the last 2 years, I’ve met with tons of students and people in tech interested in the world of venture capital circling on how to break into this opaque industry which is the main reason for me creating this guide.
When I was a student looking to break into the world of startups & venture, I wish I had something like this guide which is going to be a compilation of all the resources I wish I had when I was trying to break into the space.
In this guide, I’ll cover:
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💙 Got questions or feedback? Feel free to reach out via (DMs open)! Cheers!

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