EMBR token is the native currency on the EMBR ecosystem. It is a BEP-20 token, which entails that it can be stored in a regular BSC-compatible wallet. It contains no deflationary or inflationary mechanisms, and there is no "reflection tax" built into it. As a result, consumers can exchange and utilize their tokens in an easy and frictionless manner, taking full advantage of the ecosystem.
The EMBR token has distinct use cases in its ecosystem. During the early stages of development, they are used primarily for two functions:

Staking (both LP and regular)

Traditional staking and LP staking will be introduced shortly after public launch. These staking contracts will make use of oracles to ensure users are receiving correctly calculated rewards.
A substantial staking reward pool (35% of the circulating supply) which utilizes a bonding curve model to distribute the rewards, EMBR token will become an attractive asset for LP farmers and investors that are looking for passive income via staking rewards. Staking allows users to lock their EMBR tokens in order to receive rewards based on the duration that the tokens are locked for, stabilizing the token’s price as well as reducing the circulating supply.

IDO launchpad

Users will be able to stake their tokens in order to take part in all of the IDOs held on the EMBR Launchpad. Different tiers will be introduced with the launch of it, and the current token and wallet distribution will be considered in determining the exact rules and tiers prior to the launch of an IDO platform.

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