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What is EMBR?

The EMBR ecosystem will provide access to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency products for all token holders and the wider community. It encompasses a complete range of products and services for creatives and developers to use. Through community curation, this collection of items will not only allow consumers to bring countless ideas into reality, but it will also help them attract a significant number of eyes to the most promising and intriguing projects (e.g. upvotes).
The platform will also assist new projects that are having trouble getting off the ground because of a lack of visibility, whether it be financial or otherwise - a go-to place for developing DeFi products without boundaries. EMBR's mission is to make DeFi more available to the masses while also providing creative individuals with an outlet for their concepts and creations.
Our mission is to harness the power of the community to fuel breakthroughs in creativity and revolutionize business ventures, allowing innovators to take full control of creative projects, from ideation to launch.

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