$EMBR Token

Value accrual

The EMBR token is one of the key points of our company strategy.
The EMBR token is worth more because it can be used in the Apps and dApps within the ecosystem. The tokens can be used by consumers to trade, exchange, and pay for services on the platform.
The EMBR token shall strive to become an appealing asset for LPs and investors that are seeking passive income via staking their tokens due to the substantial staking reward pool (35% of the total supply) that employs a bonding curve model to distribute the profits. The bonding curve model is a dynamic model in which users will have an incentive to deposit their tokens into a smart contract that pays out on a regular basis. This ensures that the LP staking tokens are replenished in the staking pool after being used.
The EMBR tokens are used as a gateway ticket to the Launchpad’s IDOs, as well as other products such as the integrated marketplace and others to be announced soon.
The token is based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain which has been developed with scalability in mind and which delivers easy access to its services for a wide audience through decreased transaction fees and faster transaction speed. However, the EMBR team plans to make this project cross-chain in order to benefit from other DeFi projects simultaneously.

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