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When to use Coda

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Create team trackers and project hubs for your projects big and small
Scope creep. Stale data. Tool sprawl. It doesn't matter how good a project manager you are, processes are unpredictable and messy. Luckily, a Coda doc is built to flex and evolve with the ever-changing needs of your team.
When Uber needed to redesign their driver app, they turned to Coda to build a that brought together Product Managers, Engineers, Designers, and Execs into a single doc to track project milestones. Before Coda, Intercom tracked their product roadmap and goals in disconnected documents and spreadsheets that didn’t talk to each other. Check out their to see how they keep teams on track.

Project templates you can start with:

Building blocks for a great project tracker

1) Start with a Project Brief

Typically, projects start in a Google Doc and then move to a project management tool like Asana or Trello to manage the day-to-day tasks. Instead of bouncing between tools, start and finish your project in one place with Coda. Check out our or navigate to our (Click on the plus
in the top navigation bar > show templates> search "Project") and use our Project Overview outline to help you kick-start this process. Or simple add in-line from where you'd write 👇
project brief.gif

2) Create tables to track key milestones and tasks

It can be tough to track all the moving parts for a given project and ensure work is moving forward in a coordinated way. Coda can help you stay organized and keep stakeholders in the know so no balls are dropped.
Sample task-tracking table:
Decide project plan
John Scrugham
Build the product
In Progress
Write help article
Not Started
John Scrugham
There are no rows in this table

3) Visualize tasks in a Kanban Board or Gantt Chart

Charts allow you create visualizations of the data you're tracking in your and .


Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 2.39.21 PM.png

4) Automate project management with Slack

Use Coda's Slack Pack and automations to automatically send Slack messages a channel or person of your choice when a project task is updated. Now your entire team can stay up to date on how the project is progressing the moment when a status is updated. Here is a guide to with Coda.
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